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Born for This: A Powerful Journey Through Childbirth and the Strength of a Birth Team

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In the realm of childbirth, the documentary “Born for This,” directed by Jen Gilomen, is far from your typical labor and delivery story. It’s a gripping narrative that immerses you in the journey of Janeé Washington and her husband, Josh, as they face the daunting challenges of childbirth in a system plagued by the Black maternal health crisis. But what sets their story apart is the remarkable team that stands by their side.

Within the documentary, an experienced midwife, Lisa Davis, plays a pivotal role, alongside a passionate student midwife, Bria Bailey, and a devoted doula, Davon Crawford. Together, they demonstrate the incredible impact a strong birth support team can have on maternal healthcare.
Determined not to become another statistic, Janeé and Josh make an audacious choice – they opt for a home birth away from the traditional hospital setting and its interventions. Their decision reflects a broader movement that empowers expectant parents to take control of their birthing experiences.

The documentary presents contrasting approaches to childbirth: the hospital, with its routine medical interventions, and the home, emphasizing a natural, family-centered philosophy. As you witness the diverse choices available to expectant parents, you’ll find yourself immersed in a deeply thought-provoking exploration.

But here’s the surprise: “Born for This” is not just about the challenges of childbirth. It’s about the triumphs, the unwavering support, and the strength that stems from the collaboration of a dedicated birth team.

As the documentary unfolds, it showcases the vital role of midwives and doulas. Witnessing their expertise, advocacy and dedication, you’ll discover that the real hero of the story is the birth support team as a whole.

“Born for This” is a testament to the power of informed decisions, unwavering support, and the transformative experience of childbirth. This documentary will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the significance of a strong birth team in maternal healthcare. It’s an eye-opening journey that will challenge your preconceptions and inspire you to learn more.

“Guiding Birth, Nurturing Life”
Davon Crawford
Doula Doula

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