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Partners in Spreading the Why Midwifery Message

Welcome to Our Why Midwifery Campaign Media Kits Page!

We are thrilled to have you here and excited to introduce you to a unique opportunity to become partners in spreading the message of our Why Midwifery campaign. Our mission is to advocate for midwifery care and decrease poor maternal health outcomes, especially among Black families.

At Why Midwifery, we recognize the power of collaboration, and we believe that you, our audience, can play a pivotal role in achieving our goals. Whether you are a potential midwife eager to pursue midwifery education, an expectant mother considering midwifery care for your childbirth journey, or a medical professional interested in incorporating midwifery care into your practice, we invite you to join us in this important endeavor.

How You Can Make an Impact:

On this page, we provide you with a valuable resource – downloadable social media files that you can easily share on your own social media accounts. These files are designed to help us collectively spread awareness about the benefits of midwifery care and its positive impact on maternal health outcomes.

Tailored to Your Interests:

We understand that our audience encompasses a diverse range of interests, so we have organized our media files to cater to your specific focus:
– For Families: If you are expecting a baby or someone passionate about maternal health, you’ll find materials tailored to your interest. Share these resources to inspire informed choices regarding midwifery care during pregnancy and childbirth.
– For Potential Midwives: If you aspire to become a midwife or are already on the path to midwifery education, we have resources that speak to your journey. Share these materials to encourage others to consider a career in midwifery.

– For Medical Professionals: If you are a healthcare practitioner and what to learn more about midwifery care, you’ll discover resources that address your professional interests. Share these materials to promote the wider integration of midwifery care within the health care system.

Download and Share Today

Your support is invaluable to us, and we invite you to download and share these media files today. By doing so, you become an essential part of our campaign, helping us reach and impact even more lives.

Together, we can make a difference in maternal health outcomes and advocate for the importance of midwifery care. Thank you for joining us in this vital mission, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Join us in spreading the message of Why Midwifery – because midwifery care makes a difference.